Sunday, January 25, 2009

Book Trailer, Book Clubs and more

If you haven't seen the Book Trailer yet, check this out.
(Produced by David Martin and Glen Craney)

TIME MAGAZINE: Check out TIME magazine online. I'm quoted, along with a mention of THE PLUNDER ROOM, weighing in on Gov. Sanford's affair.

BOOK CLUBS: They've all been way much fun. Most recently, a Book Club spent TWO hours with me at The Handlebar dissecting THE PLUNDER ROOM and its multiple layers and archetypes. Great entertainment, all FREE (except for the meals and beverages, of course) ... Call The Handlebar at 864 233 6173 or email to book your Book Club!

NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN devotes nearly a full page. Peter happens to be the Music City's music critic - that alone makes him world class - AND he's one HELL of a great songwriter himself AND he writes beautiful prose. PLUS! Peter and I shared the pages of MAKING NOTES: MUSIC OF THE CAROLINAS. His new CD with Eric Brace, "You Don't Have To Like Them Both," is enchanting, filled with listenable gems, a critical darling and acclaimed all over the national press.

MAKING NOTES: If you haven't picked up your copy of the nonfiction collection of essays, MAKING NOTES: MUSIC OF THE CAROLINAS, the book is a Must-Shelf. Edited by the sublimely talented and generous Ann Wicker and published by Novello in Charlotte, NC, the handsome paperback tells you everything you need to know to stay in tune with . . . the music of the Carolinas.

MINDY FRIDDLE FANS. Her new release, SECRET KEEPERS, is out, and it's better than Publishers Weekly says it is. From the first get-you-chuckling line to the story that wraps you into the world of her widow, Mindy knows not only how to involve you in her people, but she knows how to involve you in the full range of human emotion and the human condition, as well. Her blog's a blast, too.

COOL New Website: Despina Yeargin, longtime Handlebar fan and fellow writer, has a magnificent new Website, filled with inspiration and a fabulous new publication model for stories and poetry. PLEASE check out her Alpha Publishing & Communications. Born in Greece, Despina is one of those women who delights and enchants, enthralls and inspires. One stop at her Website, and you'll get the picture.

Random thoughts: Coming up! July 24 marks the 25th anniversary of my kidney transplant. My brother, Stephen, gave me this quarter of a century of life. Without him, no Handlebar, no PLUNDER ROOM, no Whole Lot of Things; he's the Clarence to my George Bailey - it's a wonderful life. And ... my love to Kathy, always.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tampa Tribune gets all sunny

Marvelous piece in Sunday's
Tampa Tribune
by Michelle Bearden

Monday, January 12, 2009

Media, Press & Glowing Attention

Read Alli Marshall's insightful look into
the book in Asheville's MOUNTAIN XPRESS.
MALAPROPS appearance at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 20

Hear my Your Day interview with Sandy Woodward on SC ETV radio.

Bill Stephens' review in the SAN ANTONIO-EXPRESS-NEWS ... National press!

Lillia Callum-Penso's great story in the GREENVILLE NEWS. (Link's broken - and they make you pay for the archive.) Can somebody help figure out another way?

Jeremy L.C. Jones's fine piece the SPARTANBURG HERALD-JOURNAL.

See Cindy Landrum's outstanding two-page feature in the Greenville Journal (week of Jan. 16, not available online).