Monday, July 16, 2007

Publishers Marketplace: The Latest Deals

Publishers Marketplace: The Latest Deals
16 July, 2007
John Jeter's THE PLUNDER ROOM, in which a blueblood paraplegic must salvage his family's proud Southern heritage, to Ruth Cavin at Thomas Dunne Books, in a nice deal (World).

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Uncle Fun said...

Interesting: When I posted the deal to PM, seeing as how I never saw the novel as a mystery/crime project, I clicked "Debut" on Publishers Marketplace's drop-down menu under genre, where to put things, how to categorize the project, the deal. Funny, then, how THE PLUNDER ROOM wound up under "mystery/crime." That might be because Ruth Cavin, my fantastic editor at Thomas Dunne Books, is known for her work with mystery/crime novels, as is Thomas Dunne Books, where I'm tickled to feel so at home. And I've already gotten a couple of responses from the PM posting. Which is tickling, too. One from an agent, whom I happen to like. He even went so far as to comment that Ruth is fantastic, yet another reason to like this particular agent. Even though I still have no agent. And while agents do continue rejecting my work, which also seems to be neither a mystery nor a crime at this point, on the drop-down menu of Life, it's nevertheless pretty amusing.